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Premarital Counseling

Premarital Counseling
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~Are you able to share deeply from the heart, to feel truly yourselves with each other, assured that you are accepted for who you really are, not as someone you pretend to be, or who your partner wants you to be?

~Do you share a common value system while keeping an open mind to examine things from your partner’s point of view?

~Can you listen to your partner’s feelings without trying to explain or defend yourself? Attempts to try and talk your partner out of their feelings will always end in communication breakdown and usually a fight?

~Are you able to demonstrate that your partner’s wellbeing and happiness is as important as your own, that love is mutual and requires picking up the slack without keeping track?

~Do you understand that a good marriage depends on an adequate frustration tolerance level?

~Is there family history on either side that gets in the way of real intimacy with your partner?

~Do you feel completely safe and satisfied being together? Questions about that now can be a warning sign of trouble.

~After the wedding is over and the lust wears off do you have the same vision of what day to day life will look like? Do you want the same life?

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